Tetris via blockchain

Every action you take on your keyboard saves on the blockchain first and displays on your screen

to blockchain

via smart

on the Credits

changes on
the browser

Checking on
the Blockchain


  • All of your actions will work through a smart contract
  • Each movement of the figure is displayed on the rotation after recording its blockchain and returning the team to the game interface from the smart contract
  • All wins are recorded in the smart contract
  • Each change of the figure and the account is recorded as a transaction in the blockchain

Credits blockchain

Despite the fact that blockchain and smart contracts are quite a complex technology, Credits proves that the Demonstration of Work can be very simple and fast.

For a difficult task-oriented game such as Tetris, where many conditions must be fulfilled at once, we have prescribed a smart contract that works on the Credits blockchain. You can see how these conditions are fulfilled: how accurately smart contract tasks are executed. Also, all of these actions will be recorded in the Blockchain Explorer, and the Transaction Monitor.